Reusable 3D Magnetic Mink Eyelashes

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Our 25mm luxurious 100% Mink eyelashes don't require glue and are REUSABLE up to 25 times with proper care! 

The strong triple magnets easily connect and separate preventing harming your natural eyelashes. These lashes are perfect for those with glue allergies or those that simply don't like adhesive.

The lashes are extremely light and comfortable to wear for the whole day without having to reposition. Although not required, magnetic eyeliner can be worn with the eyelashes for an extra dramatic look (not included).

1. Carefully wash and dry hands 
2. Gently remove one lash at a time preferably by the magnet
3. Place the eyelash with the dots on the top of your natural lash 
4. Use your extension tweezers and place the other lash without the dots underneath the first lash. (This will take a little practice, but once you get you a rhythm going it'll take a few seconds)!
5. Make sure not to blink as the lashes connect and you're done
6. Apply your lashes AFTER putting on your makeup. You may prefer to add eyeliner, but it's not a requirement

You'll receive four individual magnetic eyelashes to cover both eyes. 
FREE Bonus:
Every set of eyelashes come with extension tweezers, mascara wand and an under eye gel collagen pad to help with the application process!